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NeurOptimal® Brain Training

How NeurOptimal® Works

NeurOptimal® is the world’s first and only Dynamical Neurofeedback® brain training system. It’s an advanced neuro-technology that supports your brain's natural ability to self-regulate and organize, empowering your brain to function at its best while building flexibility and resilience. Non-invasive EEG sensors scan your brain to detect changes in electrical activity that may be preventing optimal brain function. This information is mirrored back to your brain via skips in the music. These audible breaks initiate your natural ‘orienting response’ which prompts your central nervous system to learn, adapt, and self-organize for optimal functioning.

Developed by Clinical Psychologists, Drs. Susan and Valdeane Brown, it has evolved over the course of 30 years, with 4 million+ session-hours logged and thousands of clients reported being helped. Considering we can shape our brain, this training technique has great potential to positively impact everyone. Trainers around the world have shown NeurOptimal® to be safe and has demonstrated extraordinary efficacy levels across a broad range of people with a broad range of goals.

With over 4 million training Session racked up worldwide, NeurOptimal® is changing lives

In Studio Appointments:

Each appointment is individually booked for your time. Every appointment includes:

  • Full 33-minute NeurOptimal® training session
  • Confidential intake and progress tracking
  • Dim lighting and a calm, relaxing and quiet atmosphere

Initial client health and intake appointment is 60 minutes - $150  and includes a Neurofeedback session. 


1 Hour | $135

Payment for your session is required at the end of each appointment.


Package of 5| $650/session.

Package rates are secured when the entire package is pre-purchased.


Package of 10| $1200/session.

Package rates are secured when the entire package is pre-purchased.


Package of 15| $1000/session

Package rates are secured when the entire package is pre-purchased.

Back to back appointments required.

Introductory  Offer Until February 28th :  $80  / session  off for all New Clients of the individual session rate !!  

Contact our office for more information

A great option for individuals and families which helps to reduce the overall cost, travel, and need for scheduling appointments.  NeurOptimal® neurofeedback technology has the expertise built right into the system; it is fully automated, making it very user friendly and easy to operate.  The Home Rental Program still provides virtual support for your training sessions. 

One Month Rental | $1100 

Contact our office for your initial session and learn more about our Home Rental Program & what's included!   250-253-2937. 


  • Easy to setup and simple to learn system
  • Use in the comfort of your own home
  • Rental systems can be used once per day with multiple users
  • Health Canada and FDA approved
  • Full support and guidance from Tara Hogan DOMP,  NeurOptimal® Trainer

Purchasing a NeurOptimal®  system for your personal and family use and a great option, ensuring you will always have access to the NeurOptimal®  neurofeedback system for training at your finger tips!

There are several systems to select from depending on your needs. Financing options are available and we ship through Canada and the US.  Contact Tara for more information and to review the system best suited to your needs.  She will walk you through the options and packages. 

Payment and cancellation: We accept cash, credit card and e-transfer. Appointments are not covered by extended health care benefits and packages are non-refundable. If you do not show up for your scheduled appointment, and you have not given at least 24 hours notification in advance, you will be required to pay the full cost of the session.  GST is not included in the rates above.