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Tara Hogan, DOMP 

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Massage Therapy Sessions

Massage Therapy Session - 60 min                                   $95.00 

Massage Therapy Session - 90 min                                  $130.00

Orthopedic Massage Session - 60 min                          $95.00 

*Available only in Alberta

Manual Osteopathy Session - 90 min Session              $145.00

      - Initial Assessment / treatment - 60 - 90 mins approx. 

Manual Osteopathy Session - 60 min Session              $125.00

​      - Assessment / treatment - 3 regions of the body 

Manual Osteopathy Session - 30 min Session              $85.00

​​       Assessment / treatment - 2 regions of the body 

Manual Osteopathy Sessions include an assessment / treatment in the session, for 2-3 regions of the body as well as a remedial exercise plan and general health and wellness support. 

Please note:

Our team does not practice massage therapy in the Province of British Columbia, and are not required to be registrants of the College of Massage Therapists of British Columbia. 

Manual Therapists, including those with the credentials DOMP, DO(MP), do not practice medicine and are not required to be registrants of the of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of British Columbia.  

Thai Hot Stem Therapy Session  - 75 min                   $145.00

Hot Stone Massage Session  - 60 min                         $115.00

Raindrop Therapy Session  - 60 min                            $115.00


Ancillary Cupping  Session                                           $40.00

Ancillary Thai Stem                                                      $25.00

Home Visit Surcharge                                                 

$ 80.00 per session 

European (Manual) Osteopathy Practitioners who provide treatments at the patient’s home are permitted to add a surcharge to their treatment fees to recover the transportation costs.  

Detailed Report Fee                                                 

$80.00 per hour 

Reports-There are instances where there is arequest to provide a detailed narrative report, mainly in motor vehicle accident (MVA) cases. The reports are charge on an hourly rate. Most reports take about 3 to 5 hours of work to be prepared, however it depends on each individual case.  Report fee billing is charged at $80.00 per hour spent preparing the report.

GST is not included